Brown Rice – The New Addition to Qdoba’s Menu

Qdoba is honored to announce that brown rice has been introduces in the menus of all restaurants of the chain. Similar to the other products and meals, brown rice is cooked every day, so that it can always be fresh and tasty. It is complemented with roasted tomatoes and garlic, onion and red chiles. The delicious meal has quickly become of the most favorite dish to many customers.

The head chief of Qdoba, who is also responsible for the development of products, makes clear that the priority of the chain is to introduce healthy food choices without neglecting the taste. The newly-presented brown rice is characterized by traditional Mexican taste and it is a perfect garnish for chicken, marinated steaks, pork and other delicious meals.

A survey conducted in 2011 shows that most clients would opt for a meal with reduces calories if its size and taste were appropriate. Qdoba conducted their own research which demonstrates that clients are constantly looking for new meals and prefer wide assortment to choose from. They are also satisfied when they are given the opportunity to personalize their own meals by adding and removing certain ingredients.

The New and Tasty Qdoba Nutrition is Here

The brown rice offered by Qdoba is packed with all kinds of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It is rich in iron and fiber. The total amount of sodium is reduced and the meal contains lower calories and fat. It is perfect for clients who are willing to follow a healthy and balanced dietary plan.

The new brown rice and the traditional cilantro-lime rice can complement a wide selection of meals form Qdoba’s menu, such as the burritos and the Mexican Gumbo. The clients have full view of all products and ingredients. They can also see the preparation of each dish and select the toppings and garnish. This allows them to stick to their eating plan without sacrificing good taste.